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AMCET Innovation Hub

What is it?

AMCEThub is an innovation space located at Al-maktoum college which puts effort on discovering, nurturing and mentoring Universities students and communities with Innovative technological and entrepreneurship solutions to problems facing their community.


To be a platform for innovation, creativity, capacity building and community development by the year 2022.


To become a leading center for innovation, creativity and technology for youth in Tanzania.



3D printer


Android Wokshop


3D printer


Android Wokshop


Android Wokshop


Android Wokshop

What we offer

Traineeship Program

This is an 8 to 12 weeks program which focuses on unlocking great potential of youth by providing them with technological and entrepreneurial skills that support them in creating solutions based on problems that are facing their community. Within 8 to 12 weeks interns are able to come up with innovative solutions and at the end of the program they present prototype of the solution that target to solve the problem.

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Mentorship program

This is a program that focuses on mentoring people who have ideas but lack enough skills to turn their ideas into business models. The Hub provides capacity building to these people based on their ideas and mentor them from the beginning of the idea, shape these ideas up to business stage.

Coding for Schools program

The targeted attendees of this program are primary and secondary school students whereby AMCET Innovation Hub provide them programing skills and other soft skills that enable them to solve different problems in their society using technology.

Co-working space

We offfer a shared space for independend activities.

Why AMCET Hub ?

Things that you expect to get from AMCET Innovation hub.

Community will work on real time projects which can be scaled and commercialized.

Comprehensive programs to transform their ideas to early stage businesses.

It will help universities and community to become competent in the job market at the same time to be job creators.

Lecturers will become coaches, possessing both technical skills and business skills.

Enhancing universities technical skills (coding and management) and enhancing their soft skills.

Our Team

Habibu Mrisho

Hub Manager

Yahya Kilima

Operations Lead

Jannat Sulayman

Project Manager

Recents Training

  • 5th May 2018

Girls in ICT

"Technology Needs More Women...Innovate"

  • Simoni Mawole
  • 10 March 2018

Android Workshop

Introduction to Android App development.

  • Georgia Rwechunga
  • 10 March 2018

Android Workshop

Getting in Deep on Android App development.

  • Paul Mandele
  • 18 Oct 2018

3D workshop

Development of 3D printer.

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We are at AL-maktoum College of Engineering and Technology